Another Pub Saved – part 2!

We know how to do it. They did it!

As we heard back in March a village of 470 inhabitants raised £1,025,000 to buy their pub from a developer. We have to raise a mere £210,000 to buy our pub – one fifth of their target, with almost exactly the same sized population. Surely we can do it?

They set their minimum share purchase price at £500. We have taken a different line. We don’t want the pub controlled only by people who can afford £500. We want it owned and controlled by a big group of supporters – hence our minimum price of £50. Sounds a bit socialist doesn’t it? But it isn’t.

What we have is LOCALISM. The ability for local people to take control of important aspects of their lives and improve them and tailor them to exactly what they need. We are pioneers! There are only around 40 community owned pubs in England. Let’s be the 41st!

For the localism part of the project we need EVERYONE to chip in what they can sensibly afford. We want a wide ownership so everyone feels involved and everyone wants the project to be successful. Please don’t look back – you may have been disappointed in the pub in the past but don’t let the past cloud your judgement now. Look forward, think of the future, imagine the possibilities. Think about what the pub could be. The vision is yours, ours, everybody’s.

However, just because our shares are £50, please don’t think that £50 from everyone is going to do it. As they say in America, “do the math”. To achieve our goal we need to dig deep in our pockets. There are 221 houses in Hougham and Marston. So an average of about £1000 per household is required just to purchase the pub.

So, you can’t afford £1000. Not many people can – but maybe you could help to raise some extra from other sources?

Do you have friends and family who visit? Would they buy a share or two? Do you have nephews or nieces, godchildren or grandchildren on whom you’d splash a £50 share for a birthday &/or Christmas? Do you have bosses at work who might be prepared to make an investment through their company? There’s great kudos in “social responsibility” these days. Please remember the committee members will be happy to help – if you have an idea contact us.

Please – let us all invest as much as we can afford. Remember, investments are secured by the property. The money really can’t disappear. You should receive reasonable interest over the long term and your investment will make the villages of Marston and Hougham and the whole surrounding area so much more attractive to live in.

Young families will want to move here. We already have a fantastic school. All that’s needed is a pub and shop. Even if you think you may have to move away and sell your home here – how much easier will that be with a pub and shop within walking distance? Maybe then, you won’t want to go!

Do you remember what our friendly local Estate Agent told us a couple of years ago? If you own your own home in the area, think about this. How much more will your house be worth with a pub and shop in Marston? How much easier would it be to sell?

The pub that was saved with over £1,000,000 raised by locals is The Packhorse in Southstoke near Bath in the West of England. Please read the full article from the Daily Mail on March 23rd 2018. It is called “Is this how to SAVE village pubs?” We know the answer – IT IS!

So let’s save ours – let’s save The Thorold Arms!