BBC Radio Lincolnshire

We are not forgotten!

BBC Radio Lincolnshire had a feature on their breakfast show this morning about communities trying to re-open their local pubs.

They called and asked us to say a few words about the problems of having The Thorold Arms closed and then, after so much hard work and raising so much money, actually to lose the pub at auction.

It was the Breakfast show hosted by Scott Dalton and they initially interviewed a lady trying to save the Sebastopol Inn at Minting near Horncastle in Lincolnshire. The Plunkett Foundation is working with them as they are with us.

Later on in the show was our 2 minute spot followed by Kat Darling of the Plunkett Foundation who talked about the support that they are providing many community initiatives as well as The Sebastopol Inn and The Thorold Arms.

Kat said that community ownership appeared to be a successful business model as it was notable that of all the pubs saved by their own communities, not one has subsequently failed.