Mayor set to Protect London Pubs

Sadiq Khan announces plan to protect London’s pubs.

This is yet another story emphasising the importance of pubs to local communities.

The Mayor is introducing new initiatives in an attempt save the city’s social scene.
The new initiative – called the Draft of London plan – aims to halt the alarming rates of closures in the city, which sees around 81 public houses lost every year.

A quarter of the city’s pubs have shut down since 2001, and London boroughs Barking & Dagenham and Newham have both lost more than 50% of their pubs during that time.

If London’s pubs are so important, how much more so our pub, with no other facilities in the villages and nothing for miles around and no transport to get there anyway?

We see that 25% of London’s pubs have shut since 2001 and a much higher percentage in certain boroughs. However 100% of our pubs have shut. So we need to fight on and get The Thorold Arms re-opened and serving the local community by providing the type of service that locals and visitors alike need.

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