More Local Paper Coverage

The Grantham Journal has covered us again!

Reporter Judith Hawkins has covered our campaign to reopen The Thorold Arms again in this week’s Grantham Journal.

Marston residents have succeeded in the first step of a campaign to save their beloved pub, The Thorold Arms.

After both the pub and its accompanying shop closed down last summer, villagers united to draw up a plan on what they could do to ensure it remains a community building.

The initial idea was to get the pub registered as an asset of community value (ACV) with South Kesteven District Council, and on Christmas Eve they received confirmation they had succeeded…

The Plunkett Foundation’s Katherine Darling said: “We’re supporting this group because they’ve clearly demonstrated that there is widespread community engagement and support for what they’re doing – almost 80 people attended a recent community meeting.

“Co-operative pubs are owned by the community, for the community; they have their roots within the community, and bind people together in a way that few other things are able to do…

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