Pub & Shop on Brink [Updated]

We are getting there but time is ticking!

We are closing in on our £210,000 target to enable the community to buy back the pub and shop.

The share offer closes on July 14th and we call out to all “Save The Thorold Arms” supporters. If you want the pub and shop restored and you haven’t yet invested, please dig deep into your wallets as more money is still needed.

If we don’t buy the pub now it is gone for good.
On June 29th we had raised £146,050 – a massive 69.5% of our target and already much more than was raised by the last share offer, which was repaid in full when the community was outbid at auction. Here are some interesting statistics as of June 17th:

  • Last time we had 100 investors at an average investment of £1,250;
  • On June 17th we had 69 investors at an average of £1,798 each. Several are new investors;
  • We have great hopes for 120+ this time and 117 at our current run rate will do it!

If you are still thinking please join us!