Strippers in the Pub!

As reported in the Grantham Journal.

Local paper, The Grantham Journal has reported in print (see picture above) and online about the excellent volunteer labour that has been going on in The Thorold over the last few weekends – namely stripping the walls. Our worthy strippers are seen posing in the photo.

Since acquiring the pub the community has:

  • Cleared the gardens and tidied and maintained the land outside.
  • Replaced the collapsed fencing (many thanks PV Baker!).
  • Applied for planning permission to extend the back of the pub to accommodate fully accessible toilets.
  • Lifted the warped oak flooring, which has been stacked pending resurfacing and relaying.
  • Stripped the wallpaper and woodchip.

The next stage is some structural work removing a couple of walls and Potts the builders from Long Bennington are due to do this in the next 2 or 3 of weeks.

The renovation project progresses and fundraising continues.