The Management Committee

Introducing The 2018 Management Committee.

The Annual Members Meeting on 28th October 2018 elected a new management committee to oversee the renovations and reopening of The Thorold. There were 12 nominees for 12 posts so the “election” was uncontested.

The committee members can be contacted by email via the Contact Us page. They are, in alphabetical order of surname:

  • Sandra Allen (Committee Chairman and Secretary) Sandra Allen
  • Mel Ellerington
  • Tim Found (Vice Chairman)Tim Found
  • Mel Gardner (retired March 2019)Mel Gardner
  • Paul Mann (retired March 2019)
  • Stephen Manuel
  • Robert MorleyRob Morley
  • Kevin O’Sullivan
  • Jason Scott
  • Fran Stephens
  • Ian Tyler (Chairman)Ian Tyler
  • Stuart VickersStuart Vickers


Some mugshots in place. Some to follow! You can contact any or all of the committee through the website contact us page.

Minutes of meetings are available on the Document Download page.