8th June the total is £107,200

Funds are still coming in

£107,200 (8th June), £107,250 (31st May), £104,000 (30th May), £100,000 (27th May), £92,650 (26th May), £86,650 (25th May), £65,500 (24th May), £57,500 (19th May), £55,000 (18th May), £53,450 (16th May), £51,850 (14th May), £45,000 (4th May), £35,000 (23rd Apr). Please keep it coming – we can do this but only if you invest!

After a great opening day with huge enthusiasm in the room and pledges on the day of £35,000, it seems that everyone is waiting to see what happens.

If you want to part own as well as be a customer of a great country pub and a super village store without having to drive to Grantham or another village then please don’t wait any longer – if everyone waits nothing will happen!

Meeting people in the villages the question is always “how’s the fund raising going? I haven’t sent my contribution in yet”. I guess that’s why it’s going slowly.

The total on 14th May was £51,850. However crunch-time is approaching. There are 2 weeks to go and £200,000 more to raise in order for us to be able to go forward and attempt to buy the pub from the receivers.

Investors should be aware that, if for any reason, the pub can’t be bought they will get their investment back. So there is no risk of the money disappearing and the pub not being bought. Have faith we CAN do this!

The choice is: café, shop, pub with eats and a B&B or residential development. A stark choice and a once only choice. The decision is entirely in the hands of the community!

16th May £53,450 – Things are picking up. Several people have said “I didn’t realise time was so short. I am going to invest”. Great news – we need some quick action!

18th May £55,000 – Moving in the right direction – but oh so slowly!

19th May £57,500 – Another £2,500. Keep it coming!

20th May £59,800 – Another £2,300.

23rd May £60,400.

24th May £65,500 – Another £5,100

25th May £86,650 – Another £21,150 – Great work!

26th May £92,650 – Another £6,000 – You are leaving it a bit late but please keep going

27th May £100,000 – Another £7,350 including some pledged money yet to be received.

30th May £104,000 – Another £4,000.

31st May £107,250 – Another £3,250. This is the end of the initial share offer period and we have missed our target – so are not able to immediately make an offer on the pub. However many investors have said “don’t give up”, so at the recent management committee meeting we resolved to immediately re-open the share offer, enter further discussions with the receiver and actively pursue alternative and complimentary funding sources. So the message is – keep the investments coming in. We will get there!

8th June £107,200 – Minus £50! A kind investor cancelled their cheque. So £50 less and a £6 bank charge as well! Our treasurer is away for a few days – so we won’t know about any new investment updates for a few more days. Suffice to say, we still need a lot of money and the receiver is intending to go to auction in a month or so.