We’re Bucking the Trend!

A local closes every 12 hours.

Figures published by CAMRA show 378 pubs closed between July and December 2018. Confusingly the story says there are 40,683 pubs in England whereas the graph shows 22,840 SMALL pubs – hey ho, whats 18,000 pubs between friends!]

Since the start of last year, some 854 have shut across Great Britain, but the decline has slowed since 980 closures in 2017.

There are now 40,683 pubs in England, 2,901 in Wales and 3,612 in Scotland, according to the figures.

Jackie Parker, CAMRA’s National Chairman said: “Pubs are a very important part of our national culture and are valuable community assets which help to combat loneliness and social isolation. It’s great we have seen a drop in the number of pubs closing and shows that our campaign to get planning protection for pubs was worth it.

Please read the original article by Jamie Johnson in the The Daily Telegraph (Monday 25th February 2019).

Fantastic work has been going on in the pub over the last week or so. Potts Builders are in action and walls have come down and steels have gone up. This shows the view through the new sized bar area from the front door. Apologies to Stuart! How did I manage to get you in the way?Plenty more work to do and more money to raise but we’re still aiming for a tight deadline at the end of May.