Tragedy – Our Pub has Closed!

The Thorold Arms Closed on July 7th 2015.

The closure of the pub and its much loved shop had been inevitable for a while as stocks dwindled and hours of opening shortened. However the pub need not be lost to the community.

Just take a look at The Hare and Hounds in Fulbeck or The Bustard Inn in Rauceby. They are both excellent pubs that offer food and drink with great service and in a pleasant and comfortable setting.

Closer to home we have The Stag in Barkston. A few months ago it looked dead and buried. Now, it’s difficult to get into on some nights. Success from near ruin! The Wheatsheaf in Dry Doddington exhibits the exact reverse – a couple of years ago it was a destination for decent food and a pleasant drink. A change of management occurred and it is now closed. UPDATE – The Wheatsheaf has re-opened (Xmas 2015) and reports suggest it is good again!

In Caythorpe there is the Red Lion, busy and successful, and the Wagon and Horses, threatened with closure and conversion to a bakery and restaurant.

What does this tell us? Surely this means that there is basically nothing intrinsically wrong with the business model of a rural pub like The Thororld Arms. What usually goes wrong is the management. If whoever runs the pub is good at their job then it should succeed. However, a pub is like any other business. It has to provide what the customer wants, when the customer wants it, at a fair price and in a nice atmosphere.